Chest Plans

Create additional storage space in any room in your house by adding a handcrafted chest. Choose from the many great free woodworking plans listed on 

These chests would make such a great gift too! Chests are always welcome because they provide additional storage space.

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Building a chest can be a quick, easy project or a labor of love resulting in a family heirloom to be treasured for years to come.

Free Chest Plans contains chest plans in a variety of styles, ranging from toy chests to hope chests to chest of drawers, so you are bound to find something that you will want to build.  Simply find a free plan and build a chest today!

If you don't find a free plan that suits your needs, visit the Chest Plans Store for purchase plans like:

Chest of Drawer Plans
Chest of Drawers

Blanket Chest Plans

Blanket Chests
Cedar Chest Plans
Cedar Chests

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Steamer Trunk Plan
Steamer Trunk Plan
Blanket Chest
Blanket Chest
Cedar Chest
Cedar Chest
Lingerie And Jewelry Chest Plan
Jewelry Chest Plan
Dovetail Chest Woodworking Plan
Dovetail Chest Plan
Blanket Chest Woodworking Plan
Blanket Chest Plan
Chest Of Drawers Plan
Chest Of Drawers
Craftsman Blanket Chest Woodworking Plan
Craftsman Blanket Chest Plan
Chest Plans
Mission Chest of Drawers
Cherry Six-Drawer Dresser Woodworking Plan
Cherry Six-Drawer Dresser Plan
Chest Handle
Chest Handle
Chest Plans
Shaker Lingerie Chest
Chest Plans
Shaker Chest of Drawers