Free Chest of Drawer Plans

Make a fine piece of furniture from dresser or chest of drawers plans. Your quality handcrafted chest of drawers will be cherished for years to come. The free plans below offer a variety of styles and shapes. And if you don't find a free one, purchase plans are at the end of the page for your convenience.

Chest of Drawers Plans
Turn ordinary space in your room into big storage spaces with the help of this chest of drawers plan. It will guide you to build this large chest which has three large drawers and two small drawers on top.

Chest of Drawers
This is certainly going to be the best piece of furniture in your house. The beauty and grace of this chest of drawers cannot be scaled. Its elegant and modern design will surely captivate your senses.

Indulge in luxury with this fine bedroom suite dresser plan which will provide all the thrill and joy you need to keep your room neat and tidy.

Arts & Crafts Dresser
Build this aesthetic and graceful arts & crafts dresser which is sure to capture you with its sublime design and styling. Its artistic detailing includes handmade hardware and simple curved arches that soften the severely straight, parallel sided appearance.

8 Drawer Dresser Plans

This double dresser is an advance project and does require some power tools, but it is so worth it. Nice full building instructions.

Sleek Modern Dresser

This is a small sleek-looking dresser built out of plywood so it is lightweight.

Cherry Dresser
It's where the styling meets functionality. A beautifully carved out cherry dresser which has enough spaces for all your household items.

This 5 drawer classy dresser is sure to find a space for itself in your home. It features simple joinery and a smart spacer-block system that makes installing the drawer guides accurate and painless.

Dresser Plans with Open Shelf

Build this dresser with open shelf featuring 5 additional drawers.

Chest on Frame Dresser Plans

Building this detailed chest on frame dresser is not for the novice. It uses techniques such as dovetailing, carving, and many other woodworking elements. If you are game to try, this tall chest would certainly become an heirloom for generations to come.

Chest of Drawers

Cherry chest for drawer can be designed conveniently and easily. This chest of drawers is made from cherry and is one of the most useful pieces of furniture.

Three Drawer Dresser

This is a short, 3 drawer dresser in the Arts and Crafts style with simple lines.

Tall Chest of Drawers
The beauty and scale of this tall chest of drawers is sure to enthrall your senses. This dresser plan will help you complete this project with step-by-step guidance very easily and quickly.

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