Free Hope Chest Plans

Make a fine piece of furniture from one of these hope chest plans. Your quality handcrafted hope chest will be cherished for years to come.

Cedar Chest Plans
Keep your home organized by building this beautiful chest. This cedar chest is rock solid and much more durable than most other chest plans.

Hope Chest Plans

Here's a great opportunity to build a hope chest for the holidays. These chests are also known as blanket chests as they are used for storing quilts and other valuable items.

Hope Chest or Tickle Trunk

Build this attractive blanket box or tickle box. This box has an appealing appearance and can be created easily and quickly.

Cedar Chest Plans

Build this cedar chest that can hold a number of items and the plan can also be enlarged for building a larger size.

Chest with 2 Drawers

These chest plans, with optional base and mortising chest is a quite interesting and simple activity. This attractive chest has some fine cutting.


Pine Blanket Chest

This pine blanket chest will help enhance your woodworking skills and also help decorate your home.

Hope Chest Plans

This hope chest can be created easily and inexpensively. With carving on the outside, this chest would also be a great seller at craft shows.

Frame and Panel Chest

Build a frame and panel hope chest in your extra time. This chest is quite attractive and would be a great present to someone special.

Six-Board Chest Plans

This six-board chest is a copy of an 18th century chest made modern, but still uses the basic construction methods of the original chest.

Shaker Blanket Chest Plans

This Shaker blanket chest can be design easily and quickly with your woodworking skills.

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